Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Gluten Free Or Bust! July 2013

My sister, Jessica was diagnosed with celiac disease years ago. She has learned how to eat gluten free and manage her lifestyle. For her birthday this year she asked us to go get blood work done to see if we too were affected by celiac disease. I went in, not thinking I would actually have celiac, however, I tested positive. I haven't had a scope done yet-- to see the damage wheat has or has not done on my stomach. Since Tuesday, July 8th, I've been gluten free. I have a new hobby now. I've been obsessed with learning everything I can about celiac disease and eating gluten free. Russ has been incredibly supportive in all of this. He keeps a positive attitude about trying new things and changing our meal habits. My Grandmother pointed this irony out to me--my husband is a baker at great harvest, and I can't have wheat. :)

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